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    So my Little One is about 3 years old, we want to play with the idea of feeding - but a 3 year old is pretty self sufficient. Any ideas how I could be incorporated into feeding him dinner, when its not baby food?


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    If you mean "adult" food, you could try using no forks or spoons, only hands. Or use those tiny children's forks and spoons. Choose something messy like spaghetti and meatballs. Fish sticks and mac and cheese is good. He might be learning to use a cup so use a sippy cup or if you want, no lid and see if your little one spills.

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    I'd just say don't get so bogged down in real developmental stages if they're going to prevent you from having fun.

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    I'm like 2 or 3 when I'm little but I still like to be fed baby food or my mommy will put my baby food in a baby bowl and I'll feed myself (not very neatly). Sometimes I will eat spaghetti by myself but I will have it everywhere

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    My favorite way to eat when I am in little mode is with a bib, sippy cup, and my Thomas the train spoon, fork, and plate.

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    I agreed with patrick1776 i use my toddler spoon and cup

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    Don't forget the chocolate mouse or yogurt for sweet and baby smears it all over them self

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    I agree with the post about not what development stage an actuall 3yr old is at. But as a suggestion I would maybe feed him toddler friendly food. Like smiley tater-tots, chicken nuggets, mini corn dogs or hot dogs cut up so he wont choke. I dont know how good they are but maybe some of those gerber graduates. As well as what the others have said about using toddler tableware.

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    Thank you so much for all the great ideas! I am sure we will have a successful feeding time! I need to get him a special plate.

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