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Thread: Norway says hello

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    Default Norway says hello

    Found these site a couple of years ago, but haven't been a member until today
    I have been keeping my interest for diaper to myself, so i haven't really talked to anyone about it, especially anyone my age. I have been a diaper lover since I was about 8, but i didn't really understand it before i was 13, when i read about it on the net. I have a sexually attraction to diapers, and am not a AB/TB, but have some fantasies that include diapers with humiliation. ( like beeing smaller than I am in, and beeing forces to wear diapers, without beeing able to stop it). Sometimes I think me beeing a DL can be a problem, because it kind off "consumes" me, I gives my DL-side to much attention, and loose focus on "normal" sex. Sometimes I wish i didn't have an attraction to diapers, because it complicates thing. But I am what I am, so I don't think I can (or will) forget diapers totally, just letting it be a smaller part of my life. Difficult to understand? Well, its not that easy for me either

    Well, what can I say about myself after that long and probably boring introduction?. I am 19 year old norwegian guy, lives in the capital Oslo, but am currently in the military ( we have mandatory service, either military or "civil service"). I regard myself with a good sense off humor, but can be a bit moody from time to time. I have allways been a bit shy when it comes to girls, even though I am not without experience . I am above average interested in politics ( i am on the left side, in usa I would probably be regarded as an radical left).
    I think that will do for now. I will probably come back with more when I update my profile.

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC... at this hour it seems like I'm the welcoming committee... so yeah!

    Welcome to ADISC. Stick around and post and whatnot, we're a good bunch of people. =D

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    No, not hard to understand at all. Me and many other people know exactly where you are coming from. Although it seems you do have a lot of your DLism figured out which is good too see. You are right the love for diapers will never leave, it is a part of who we are. You also said, "it consumes me," I understand that too, sometimes I find myself unstoppabley day dreaming about it. You just have to keep this lifestyle at a healthy balance with your "normal" life. The balance is different for different people, just work with it, and you will find your balance one day.

    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Hello there fellow Scandinavien friend! you remind me of myself discovering when you where young but not knowing what it is until your 13(same age I found out I think)

    Sometimes my TBness can consume me too ^^ wich sometimes can be irritating because it makes my other "normal" life alittle harder and needing to have more privacy etc but most of the times its just good giving me alittle extra euforia when I think of being held in someone's arms etc ^^

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    HVD I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to this site. And what you wrote wasn't hard to understand at all. I went though a period when I felt my DLism was a problem and bad. I wanted to stop or really slow down, but in the end I realized there could be much worse things I could be doing and learned to except it.

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    Hello there HVD, welcome to the forum. Norway says hello back at you by the way.

    It's always nice to meet someone from my part of the world within the community. (Though actually, come to think of it, we have had our fair share of Scandinavians dropping by from time to time. Beside myself, there have been two other norwegians active. Also, about three or four swedes to add to that.)

    Well, it's nice to meet you. Hope you decide to stick around! : )

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    A warm welcome to you from the US East Coast! Did you know Norway produces some very well made prams? I have a couple Norway-made Simo prams in my collection which, as you can tell by my username, is my main *B interest.

    Hope you enjoy being part of the forums. Don't be a stranger!


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    I'm surprised I don't see any Finnish or Danish members, anyway, welcome, man.

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