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Thread: Regarding Bambino's manufacturer

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    Default Regarding Bambino's manufacturer

    A friend just forwarded this to me:


    because we know about the problems with this factory - we changed the factory. So our new procuction is from the new factory. Don't worry - try our new diaper.

    Have a great day!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / regards
    Buntewindel Team
    So it appears that there *is* another factory that can produce AB diapers, and that Fabine is now using them. They were previously using the same manufacturer that Bambino used, but switched because of the issues, while Bambino simply offered a 3% discount. Interesting turn of events?

    Anyone want to try a sample package from Fabine to see what's the deal with them? Hopefully a company here in the US can start using another manufacturer for thick AB padding as well. I'm using Dry 24/7 until that happens.

    See this thread for background info if you are unfamiliar with the issues

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    Hopefully bambino dumps this china manufacturer as well.

    One of the most key elements of any business, including bambino, is to have a strongly consistent product. The company that makes the diapers in China has been anything BUT consistent, and has probably cost bambino a large chunk of potential buyers with their erratic changes and cost cutting measures.

    Hopefully bambino will wise up and make the switch.

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