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Thread: Need a little help!!

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    Default Need a little help!!

    For the last two/three days I've been grinding my teeth almost constantly.

    What could I do to help stop it?

    BTW I've been doing it for some reason while awake too. That is where the problem is.

    My teeth hurt. >_<

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    I am not sure, maybe chewing gum would help prevent any damage to your teeth.

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    Pacifier, gum, lollipop, ball gag(j/k ). Either one of those will work successfully.

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    paci is the best for it or anything that u can chew on like a teething ring

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    Is there something new in your life that is causing you stress? Remember, this may not be readily apparent.

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    I worked as a dentist receptionist for awhile, and I know a little bit about that. If it becomes serious, or consistent, a visit to the dentist will solve this problem. They usually give the patient a night guard which is a plastic clear mold of your teeth that prevents the deterioration of enamel when you grind them in your sleep. They also might give you some advice about the prevention of grinding them during the day.

    Hope this helps!

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    Try gum... I wear a mouth guard at night because of that... Try to de-stress too, that's usually the culprit in this situation.

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    I usually click my canines together when I'm thinking of a really awesome song and want something like a snare drum. But that's why they're flat. Is it something like that, or are you just like grrmrrmmrrrrg grinding?

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