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Thread: Fit...Bambino Classico VS ABU Sissy

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    Default Fit...Bambino Classico VS ABU Sissy

    I have some ABU Sissy diapers size L. I find they fit me better than the medium..there is more to work with. Thinking of buying some Classic diapers. Are Bambinos sized bigger than ABU??

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    Default Fit...Bambino Classico VS ABU Sissy

    Depends on your waist size. I'm about a 34" waist, and I find the ABU diapers and Bambinos fit me nearly the same. In fact, the redesigned Bambino mediums are a bit more roomy than they were a few months ago.

    I would say the mediums are fine up to probably 36", but I'd switch to larges after that.
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    I was exclusively a Bambino boy for the last 4+ years, and with a waist size juggling between 34-36 I stuck to mediums throughout. When they redid their sizing I think a couple of years back, I found the mediums riding lower and not taping as well, so made the switch to large. They run the risk of being loose depending on how they are taped, but I also like that they fit a bit more like I'd expect for a toddler (whereas the mediums were more low-cut, absorbent undies). Of course I'm also 6'2", so the rise is noticeable for me.

    I just put on my first Cushies the other day (also large) and while I'm not yet sold on comfort or performance, the fit seems to be a bit tighter than Bambinos or Abenas in the same size which I appreciate. I haven't tried Bambinos since they resized again though, so I can't attest to how different they might be. I have a box of the new Bellisimos waiting to be opened tomorrow, though!

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