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Thread: Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SPOILERS)

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    Default Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SPOILERS)

    So, just came back from watching the new Spidey movie, and IT. WAS! awfully head-spinning...

    There is so much that goes on in this movie, which should be expected as it goes over 2 hours in running time. While that is certainly good, it does lead to a few moments where you question whether a few moments were...really needed.


    One thing I did like was how Max Dillon (a.k.a. Electro) was portrayed as this really creepy and obsessed fanboy. It creates an interesting way to look at his character: his misfortunes and invisible presence makes you feel sorry for him when things do go wrong, but then his obsessiveness makes him less desirable and more identifiable as a villain. And, in all honesty, his obsessive moments over Spider-Man feel rather genuine that could be seen in a real fanboy, right down to fantasizing about encounters with Spider-Man to getting blood-hungry when someone mocks Spidey. Over-all, I think his character worked really well for the movie.

    How I felt about the other parts of the movie is a little hard to put into words. The sub-plot of Peter learning more about his father really felt like it came and went, as the knowledge doesn't really affect the main conflict and just gives Peter closure. Speaking of closure, those last 15-20 minutes are probably my biggest complaint.

    The pacing of it kinda ruined the sense of atmosphere it was OBVIOUSLY trying to get across. While Gwen's death was sad, the timing of it was not in the movie's favour. A moment like this serves best as the lead in to the last third of the movie; instead, it is placed near the end, with only a few minutes left. Peter's moping for 5 months goes in a flash and he's back in costume after just a few minutes. For what was meant to be a deep moment in Peter's life was really glanced over when it would've been better if it was drawn out more.

    As much as I hate to say it, the real main villain here should've been the Green Goblin, at least in the sense of the movie working better. Harry's re-connection with Peter could've been done just as well and his slow turn to insanity would've carried the movie fine.

    All-in-all, I think this movie's main problem is also it's strength: it plays out much like a comic book series. If it was made as a multi-issue comic book series, I could appreciate it working. But the style can only rarely work well in both comic book and movie media. Some things that do transfer over well include Spidey's humour, the appreciation for characters as well as fantastic scenarios. But what doesn't work is the pacing and number of characters: if they wanted it to work, they had to shorten the number of characters and make sure that MOST loose ends were tied at the end. Book adaptations can get away with it as, well, they are following the structure of the book, but a comic book movie that doesn't have a pre-determined source to follow needs to plan it out better.

    TL;DR I thought it was good, but probably needed less villains, and a more meaningful third act

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    I will not read this thread until after I've seen the movie.
    I will not read these spoilers.
    I will not.
    Must... be strong.
    Feeling weak, *gasp*

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    Okay, so I finally saw it yesterday. I don't think it was amazing, I would have titled it 'The Pretty Good Spiderman.' I must admit, it looks fantastic, with all the advancements in technology, especially in the shots of Spidey swinging through the city. Way superior to the last movie.

    I agree there was a bit too much going on for one movie. I'm thinking the story about Peter's parents may not be over. They could be leading up to a showdown with a family reunion. If they just threw the plot into this movie to bring closure then it was really unnecessary. I think there's more to come on this.

    Three bad guys in one movie is also too much. Have we learned nothing from Spiderman 3 in the original trilogy?? At least Rhino was a minor character in the overall scheme of things.

    I was hoping that this movie would be mostly between Electro and Spiderman, and that Harry was going to be brought in slowly to set up the plot for the next movie as the Green Goblin. If they had done that, the final showdown between the two would have had a lot more impact and Gwen Stacy's death would have been more significant. It also would have allowed more time to spend on developing the relationship between Peter and Gwen which has been the strongest point of the films. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are great together. I think it was a loss to the franchise to kill her off so soon, especially in the way they did it in this film, where it feels like it was thrown as an afterthought.

    Overall, I still prefer the newer films to the first trilogy with Tobey Maguire.

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