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    Has anyone ever watched movies in a language that you only under stand a little of?

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    I'm happy to watch a foreign film with subtitles. Since this is posted in the AB section, I'm guessing you're talking about the regressive effect of watching something that you don't understand. I used to watch episodes of DragonBall Z during the Cell Saga in Japanese with no subtitles before it was available for dubbed broadcast. It didn't tickle me in any AB sense, and although it's mostly fighting there were enough character-driven scenes to leave me very curious as to what was really happening. I think perhaps my best guesses at what was being said were more interesting than the reality I learned later.

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    I have watched movies in Croatian, Russian, and Arabic, of which I know a little bit, and then Japanese and Portugeese, which I have no understanding of at all.

    Watching a movie without understandable dialogue is actually somehow kind of entertaining for me apparently. But perhaps I'm just nuts!

    P.S - I'm also cursed with an inability to ever get subtitles working correctly.

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    I once watched one of the Digimon movies in Japanese with Spanish subtitles (I couldn't find any feeds with English subs at the time). Surprisingly, I was able to understand most of it.

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    in the UK, we have access to Welsh and Gaelic language programmes. i've watched terrestrial Welsh telly since it's begining and i also used to watch German, via satellite.
    sometimes i watch English language films with the accompanying foreign language subtitles.

    when i was younger, i discovered the delights and insights of watching telly without sound; yes, you can try to lipread if you want, but it's surprising how simplistic most programmes are (including the news) that you don't actually need to hear any dialogue to follow them. and funnily enough, most radio programmes are the same
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