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Thread: adult sized infant bodysuits

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    Default adult sized infant bodysuits

    I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on AwwSoCute's bodysuits:

    Blue Body Suit

    So i though i would get some general opinions on who to purchase one from.

    I can't remember who i bought the last one from, but it allowed far too much room for a diaper and so didn't support even the thickest disposables (m4s, bambinos, dry 24/7s, etc.)

    Can someone give me the pros and cons of the more common suppliers? Any personal favorites? I would rather not be paying 50 dollars for a shirt with snaps.

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    I've got one of their body suits and like it. They're selling them now for $20.00 which isn't a bad price. When I got mine I ordered a size
    medium and with certain diapers it's a little long in the crotch. My next one I get will be a small. I also like the collar design on them.

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