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Thread: Tena Slip Maxi or Molicare Superplus?

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    Default Tena Slip Maxi or Molicare Superplus?

    So which do you guys think is better? I'm about to make my next order, and getting two parcels, or alternatively one BIG parcel would be a wee bit suspicious I haven't tried Molicare yet, but I've heard some pretty good things.

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    Well as tena slip is now cloth backed Molicare wins by default in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hailstorm View Post
    Well as tena slip is now cloth backed Molicare wins by default in my opinion.
    Never tried the Molicare but it really stinks that tena slip is cloth backed now. It was a great diaper.

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    Unfortunately I never got to try the plastic backs, missed it by that much. The cloth ones seem fine to me, but yeah. I guess I've got nothing to compare it to

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    I would have said Tena ahead of the Molicare but agree with all the others, now Molicare by a country mile!

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    But the real question is... what's the difference between a country mile and a city mile?

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    What about the slip ultima? its about the same price as molicares, if not cheeper, babyish all white cloth backing, no breathable sides so it dosn't leak and there's still a big crinkly plastic landing zone on the front for the nice strong stick tabs, no velcro here.

    never been a fan of the molicares they fit a bit strange on me and i find the way the wick the moisture all over the pad a bit uncomfy to sit in for any length of time.

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    Molicare super plus definitely. I've tried to get them to leak on me. Haven't been able to yet. 2 floods and a 12 hour wear and not a single drop escaped

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    Molicare work great because they hold a lot. i got them to leak when I pooped in them and didn't change and wet them some more. But without any BM, they have not once leaked on me.

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    Damn, that looks great. Unfortunately it's not available anywhere in New Zealand

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, after a well weighted choice, I've just ordered two packs of the Molicare super plus. This'll be fun

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