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    Who here likes candles? Do you like to burn them by the wick or do you like the warming plates they have that just melt the wax? I like doing both, as the the flickering of the candle light is calming & the heating plate releases more of the scent to me & will make the candle last longer. There is something nice about reading by candlelight, it just makes it seem better, at least to me. What about you all, have the same thoughts or have any to add to mine?

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    when i am in a pensive mood, and just need some alone-time....
    i sometimes will draw a bath and use a couple of nice candles on the side of my tub while leaving the bath-room lights off. it's very relaxing for me; a great stress-re-leaver for those special moments....

    besides that, having been around some really nasty fires in my life.... the only place i trust candles in my house is near a ready source of water.

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    My wife sells candles for a hobby and I enjoy the smells the most. I find the warms a messy pain, but the candles can be a fire hazard, especially with kids around. But still a nice candle light on a dark and dreary day is calming.

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