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Thread: Free Picture Editing?

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    Default Free Picture Editing?

    Does anyone know online where I could find free basic picture editing software on my PC, without getting a harddrive full of viruses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskvarna View Post
    Yep, this. The GIMP has a steeper learning curve, but it really is the most powerful of the free image manipulation programs out there. For those who know their Photoshop history, GIMP feels like Photoshop 7 and does pretty much everything Photoshop 7 could do. It's not the most basic, though.

    For your consideration, I made this with the GIMP. I printed it at 24x18 and hung it on my wall.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nesspres6ascaled.jpg 
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    Thanks all I'm going to have a few days off from work, so that should give me plenty of time to check it out.

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    GIMP is glorrrious.

    I stumbled upon it by accident while using Linux a while back and instantly felt like I'd been missing out on a really great tool.

    It should work great for the OP.

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    For any serious image manipulation, GIMP is your best bet. As noted by others, its not always intuitive. Be sure to download the "help" part of the program. A bit stiffly written, but it'll get you where you need to go.

    For more graphic/less photo related projects, I often use the Draw module in OpenOffice. Also free and legal.

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    GIMP is quite capable, but alas for its interface, which is positively awful IMO. It may look like Photoshop, but if you've spent any time with Photoshop you'll quickly find yourself fuming over idiosyncrasies that just shouldn't be there. The implementation of layers is (or was, when I last played with GIMP about two years ago) particularly infuriating, with things in the layer pallet constantly deselecting themselves and requiring me to click them between each operation.

    GIMP, in short, feels like it was designed by programmers who wanted to emulate Photoshop but had only screenshots to go by. I don't have a better recommendation in the free category, but if you're a Photoshop user, prepare to be annoyed.

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    For lightweight stuff, I recommend Paint.NET because it's much easier to use than GIMP and pretty good with features too.

    For heavier stuff though, the GIMP is the only real free option.

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    So far, I like GIMP but like other's have warn, it is a bit much. Thankfully for me, I've never played around with "Photoshop" programs before, so GIMP will be the one to break me in I'm going to download as well though, as I'm not looking to do anything major but it's a back up just in case. Thanks again all

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    As HEX has said, for simpler stuff gets my vote too (on windows)...

    it's a bit basic, but intuitive and easy to learn...

    GIMP certainly comes close enough to be a pretty professional tool (with a few exceptions) - but its interface could really use some serious overhauling and it often is a bit cumbersome in terms of a coherent UI Structure etc.
    But it's indeed a rather powerful tool and completely free..

    if you want something that sits in between and gimp I can also recommend photoshop ELEMENTS... it's like 90$ or so... thus not free but rather affordable. Available on Win/MAC and has a neat integrated image browser.
    it's pretty powerful already.

    Personally I've been using photoshop (I bought it... ) for years as I need it for some stuff at work.
    But for personal use it's just simply too much (features & price)

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