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Thread: Which Cuddlz is better? All-over printed or front panel printed??

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    Default Which Cuddlz is better? All-over printed or front panel printed??

    I decided to finally order some cuddlz. But a question that I have asked a few times here remains unanswered. Which one is better?

    1. Are they both equally thick? And how thick compared to other diapers?
    2. Quality of the tapes? (I know one has 2 and the other has 4)
    3. Absorbtion?
    5. Fit?
    6. What kind of plastic?

    I would totally appreciate answers!

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    Since my beloved Tena slip maxis have changed to the cloth feel cover I have been forced to switch brands and have decided I'm going to be a Cuddlz baby now. I have worn each type before but cant remember how they compare, As I am going on holiday soon I want to take some nappies I am going to get the trial pack of 2 of each (the all over printed and tape panel prints) I know in terms of appearance I prefer the tape panel prints, I'm just not that keen on overly decorated nappies, and back when i was younger the only prints ere on the tape panel, the nappy itself was just plain white and the Cuddlz tape panel prints to remind me of those nappies from when I was younger! they also have the stretchy waistbands on the front and back, which i think would help the fit and also looks quite cute! The only real thing the all over prints ahve going for them is they do them in a XL size, and they have one tape each side, more like a real baby. I am unsure if one is more absorbent than the other but i shall be finding that out once i get my trial packs, so then i can decide which nappies to take on holiday!

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    I have tried both. And the first time I had the all over print and found them to be very good except I had issues with the single tapes not staying stuck to the point that I found I really had to wear some plastic pants. From this point on I totally avoided them and went instead for the printed front. Which seem slightly thinner. However I messed up an order a couple weeks ago and got the all over print by mistake. Tapes seem much improved and I have ordered more as if the tapes stay put they are far better

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    Only tried the all-over printed ones and that was only once but I was actually surprised. I was expecting ABU absorbency/fit but it was better. Not as cute (to me) but a better diaper.

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    I haven't tried both - I've only tried the all over printed ones. The AOP Cuddlz are really good (I don't know if the front panel printed ones have this but...), you get the same fastening system as a Tena Slip (no double tape/white-tape-then-blue-tape nonsense) and the two plastics involved may be unique to the product cause I've come across them no where else. By this I mean the plastic-backing for the shell is like a heavier/less bendable version of Tena plastic-backing...while the plastic of the tape-landing-panel is even thicker, seriously that landing zone panel feels fantastic to the touch and I can only compare it (the plastic) to the plastic you find on those plastic encased skipping ropes you sometimes come across (not saying that's my cup of tea in the slightest but I've done social clubs in halls and stuff throughout my late childhood/early teenhood and sometimes in boxes there were skipping ropes like what I'm describing!).

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    Couldn't decide so I ordered both pretty excited to try them out

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    I got my sample pack of each the other day but I have not opened them yet, I'm saving them for my holiday, I'm going to wear 1 of the AOP's for the coach journey, I hope they it last the 8-9 hours, I do not want to arrive at the b&b with wet patches on my bum! the other aop I am keeping until i return so i can test it for the other purpose nappies are intended for, as I can't really do that in the b&b! with the printed panel version I might wear that on the return journey, not decided yet but again I'm keeping the other one for the other purpose!

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