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Thread: How many nappies have you gone through?

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    Default How many nappies have you gone through?

    Was just thinking about roughly how many nappies I had gone through since wearing 24/7 for the past 14 years.

    Was quiet surprised with the figure as not something I have ever thought about working out before.

    On average I use about 5 per day and over 14 years that comes out to 25,550!

    Must think of ways in which I could be more environmentally friendly in other areas to offset the impact of disposable nappies!

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    I know that I have roughly gone through at least 12 or 13 full packs of diapers ever since I've become more accustomed to my AB/DL tendencies, and those packs carry 10 diapers. So, from the math, that's at least 120 adult sized diapers in, about, 4 years.

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    For the first year of my 24/7 wearing I was averaging 90 plus diapers a month. A little over year ago I switched to AIO's for overnight and cut it to
    60 plus a month. Now I've gone to wearing cloth for 2/3 thirds of the day cutting it 30 or so diapers a month. Saving myself money plus helping out
    the environment by not sending so many disposables to the landfill.

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    Since getting my first diapers back in September I've gone through (meaning actually ''used'' or thrown away without using, something I don't really do anymore) about 23 diapers, both baby and adult. I don't have many chances to buy them, so I make them last.
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    My wearing doesn't follow any strict pattern, so it's difficult to say. Probably at least 100 per year over twenty years, so the low end would be 2,000. I wouldn't be surprised if it were 3,000.

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    Since getting my first diapers in the beginning of last February I've used about 79 diapers. I might be off a bit because I haven't counted how many girls training pants I have left recently. I also like to have my diapers last a while.

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    I got my AIO's over xmas and have since only used maybe 20 goodnites. Before that, I probably have used about 150 since I started wearing 5 years ago.

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    I'd guess around 3000, based on what I remember buying in quantity. This stint of 24/7 is now the longest so far, three months of around 5 changes / day plus some extras, call it 500. Current stash is around 1000 nappies, or in SI units, one kilonappy.

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