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    Default So I have a roommate now...

    So I live in a two bedroom apartment and a buddy of mine from work moved in because we both agreed that we would save each other money by living together. I'm married and my wife knows about my diaper "fetish" or whatever you want to call it, but she thinks it's hot so it's okay in her eyes which is awesome. However my roommate has no idea about my diaper life and I have no intentions on ever telling him or anyone else besides my wife. I'm a on and off kinda guy with diapers. I'll go on a binge and just buy like 2 or 3 bags or them and it will last me a month or two but then I go into dormant mode where I don't even think about diapers. Just recently I've been craving for some diaper time but I'm just not sure on how I want to approach this snag. Being how me and my roommate get home at relatively the same time give or take an hour or so. I'm not sure if I shod just say screw it and buy some diapers and just try to sneak around my place wearing, buy diapers and only wear them at night in the safety of my wife and I's room, or just don't buy them at all and possibly wait 7 months or so to wear again. Any advice?

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    I live with my family since I'm still finishing up my degree. I've been wearing diapers on a semi-regular basis for the past 3 years or so and they haven't noticed as far as I can tell, so I think you could pull it off with a roomate for 7 months.

    Diapers aren't noticeable at all underneath jeans and a t-shirt. I've worn molicares around the house and such and no one noticed anything amiss (not even my sister, who would be the first to point out if she thought my jeans looked like they suddenly didn't fit right or something). You could easily get away with wearing them outside your bedroom if you wanted to. Just make sure you don't leave anything out in plain sight (or where it could easily become plain sight), be really careful with smells, and don't get complacent.

    Don't depend on just a single thing to hide stuff (e.g. I'll wear underwear pulled up over the top of the diaper as well as a long t-shirt to make sure I'm covered no matter what). Set some lines that you won't let yourself cross no matter how "safe" it is (e.g. no walking around the house in just a diaper and t-shirt even if you *know* your roomate won't be back for several hours and you're sure you'll hear the car in the driveway even if he is back early). And make sure you've got an explanation ready in case your roomate ever does find out (e.g. "yeah, it's just a thing me and my wife do, sorry I didn't keep it hidden well enough and made you feel awkward").

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    Good advice from irnub. I would also add that, since you're married, it's not even that weird for you to bring in a big box or two that you don't really discuss. Could be anything from feminine products to the more tame sort of toys married people might be interested in and it's highly unlikely a roommate would ask about it beyond "hey, big box, anything cool?" "Nah, just some stuff for me and my wife."

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    Respect is the key issue here. My roommates have all known or found out about my diapers in one way or the other and I always say it's a medical issue. End of story. No one needs to know what's going on below my waist and I don't need to advertise the fact either.

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    Thanks for the advice guys! I ordered some last night. Can't wait till they are here haha.

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    I think it can be done, but if you really want to be on the safe side then you should keep it in your bedroom. Also, consider a small garbage can in your room, perhaps in the closet if you have one, to dispose of them. I'd place each diaper in a plastic shopping bag or two before putting it in the can. This will help control odor, and if your roommate enters your room and happens to look in the trash the diapers won't be in full view. Of course, if you're into messing, you'll have to get the diapers out of the house immediately.

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