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    So I just started wearing diapers and after I use one I feel all guilty about using it and then take it off righaway. Is this normal and how do I get over it?

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    It's very common for people to feel this way at first, but over time that feeling of guilt will fade only to be replaced with the feeling of comfort, so don't worry yourself about it kid-o it's perfectly normal.

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    Hi there
    I too had the same feeling at first. I know we are all different however what I did is to learn to trust my diaper and understand its limit and keep the diaper on rather than changing it right away.

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    When you were potty training, you probably learned to feel guilty about wetting or making a mess in your underwear, and that obligation to keep your clothes clean and dry has been part of your life ever since. But of course, nappies are not just normal underwear. They are specially designed to be wet and messed in, just like toilets, so there's no need to feel guilty about using them for their intended purpose. Every time you wet your nappy, focus on the positive aspect of how sensible you have been to wear and use it, rather than wet your pants and make a puddle.

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    Hi za I'm sure that the guilty feeling is just transient and soon you will get used to it and start to enjoy the feeling

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    Happened to me too when I first bought my first pack of diapers. Only used one and threw the whole package because I felt guilty... But now, I will only throw them when my mom decides to clean my room. And I feel guilty for throwing them away

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    Most of us have gone through this. You are just going through the steps of acceptance. When you went through potty training, parents always shame their kids when they have an accident. During this time, it can get pretty stressful for both the parent and child. Then as the child gradually graduates from pull-ups to underwear, and when the kids has an accident at that stage they usually start shaming their kids by saying things like " Do you want to wear a diaper"? "Diapers are for babies". This is where the guilt comes from. Parents sometimes go to desperate measures to potty train their kids especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids to gain the upper hand. This guilt is embedded in all kids it seems.

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    Guilt Not me I only feel satisfaction especially after a big pee or a good poop

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    I wouldn't say I feel guilt, however I'm quite self aware that what I do will be considered strange to many and I often worry about my friends reaction were they to find out.

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    Just relax and trust the diaper. They were ment to be wet.

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