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    I'm a socially competent introvert as well as an emotional extrovert. Which translates to having good people skills while preferring a small number of close friendships and recharging alone. It also means I have no issue expressing my feelings. This works well as an IT professional who has to support hundreds of users - though it can be taxing at times. I'm a husband to an understanding woman and a dad...which is a blessing...though it complicates things.
    I'm currently in school again working on a degree in network administration - I already have a lower level degree in the area but I'm wanting more career mobility. I am the IT administrator at a school - which keeps me busy but it is enjoyable most days.
    I have been drawn to diapers and baby/toddler things since I can remember. I was a difficult one to potty train and wasn't fully out of diapers until I was 4. I remember vaguely being diapered and I'm quite fond of these memories. That's the headspace I like to get to when it's possible...3-4 and diapered. It affords the ability to somewhat vocalize, move around, play with toys, and be just "a little too old" to be in diapers.
    Being the oldest of 3 kids I had to grow up faster. My closest sister is 15 months younger and my youngest sister is 6 years younger. My mother used to have a daycare and there were diapered kids all over. My strongest memories of trying to get back into diapers are around 4 during the daycare years...and shortly after my youngest sister was born. There are other memories involving diapers but those two I would consider pivotal.
    There's a lot more I could say regarding diapers and being a toddler - but I'll leave it at that and say that I currently enjoy feeling little when I can. I desperately try and keep sex out of this my reasons are: 1. To avoid the binge/purge cycle. 2. Because I'm a Christian and try to live a life of holiness out of thankfulness. 3. I am married and my wife shouldn't have to compete with a diaper. 4. I don't consider this a fetish/kink for myself.
    As an adult I love music and making music. Particularly indie rock and house music...though I love a great deal of music from oldies to today in many genres.
    I'm a computer nerd. I love building and troubleshooting PC's (and Mac's). I love staying on top of the next big thing and growing my knowledge in the admin/network side of things. I can't code to save my life.
    I like to ride my bicycle. I've ridden across Iowa a couple of times and generally enjoy long rides...but time is at a premium so that doesn't happen very often.
    I like to cook, do handy things around my house, work on my lawn, hang out with my family, read the Bible and other theological books, watch sci-fi (Twin Peaks, BSG...stuff like that), enjoy absurd humor, collect vintage video game consoles, and procrastinate.
    I have a full life outside of being little - and maintain a distinction.
    I joined the site for a number of reasons. I'm looking for support - which means just to interact with other folks who are like me. I'm looking to interact with the community without being bombarded with images of crotch shots and dirty diapers - but rather (and hopefully) mature dialog. I would like make friends and have fruitful conversations with others.
    Well, that's me in a nutshell. If you want to know more...let me know.


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    Hello ABDilly and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative Introduction.

    Again welcome to the group.

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