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Thread: Partially TB/DL related article in yesterday's London Metro paper

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    Default Partially TB/DL related article in yesterday's London Metro paper

    Saw this while reading through the paper earlier today, thought it might interest you guys:

    Original article on page 7 (requires you to give email address)
    Screenshot of the article

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    wow, i dont think this is a *bdl issue, they will see it as a special needs child, not as a fetish deal. *phew*

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    I also agree that it's more of special needs then TB. It's not like he's wearing them just for the sake of wearing them. I had fantasy about some of my teachers diapering me but I would never peruse that of course. Most of my teachers considered me to be one of the smartest students they ever had, though in some areas I was a bit rough for them. such as interacting with others and such.

    But really the teacher should never of had sex with her student as any teacher never should. Plus it's pedophilia, also I don't think the media should of reported the diaper part but whatever. The damage has been done to the kid sadly.

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    A very good point, Fire2box. What this poor guy wears is truly no one's business--in fact, I believe it falls under the category of protected medical information (in the USA, that is...just assuming there is similar legislation in the UK).

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    Interesting... That is strange, But again I think the special needs part of the diaper wearing is more prominent than the Infantilism part, so we're good I think.

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    There is not enough info to say that he is more special needs than not.....

    In my mind he would/is/will fit into this site well. Making him in my mind a TB/DL/Inc.

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    Uhh... he is definitely into diapers at least a little.
    Do you guys even know what dyslexia is?? Hahaha... just curious. It would not cause somebody to have to wear diapers.
    I have severe dyslexia. Yeah, sometimes it can get you into special ed. But in the long run, it's not like autism or down syndrome or anything more severe. It's just not that kind of "disability".
    For those who don't pay attention, and fortunately for the person covering this article, they focus on the special needs aspect which is good for us... but really, if you pay attention, it's definitely something to do with TBDL

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    Typical Metro-Paper stuff. No wonder it's free - they can't afford proper journalists

    That said, whatever "love" and "affection" there may have been between the two, as long as she's his teacher and he is underage (age of consent in the UK is 16), she was breaking the law. End of story (except Metro dragged it out).


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