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Thread: How to hide Your diapers

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    Default How to hide Your diapers

    Hey everyone , how do You hide Your diapers from People? Also how do you dispose of the used ones?

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    I can manage to hide my diapers in a smaller suitcase that I own. Thankfully, seeing as it is a pretty old suitcase, not many people ask to use it, or even notice that it is there. As for disposing used diapers, I always try to use them before any company comes over, and that is often the case as I live with my father. As I have my own rubbish bin, I can easily toss it away in a rubbish bag before anyone comes over. I don't know many people who like to inspect their garbage bins to see if there is more than should be expected XD

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    I keep my diapers(and the other private items in my possession) in an organizer that no one goes in. I keep them buried under a light layer of stuff, mainly an old baby blanket and other stuff. It's discreet and out of the way.
    I only really use them when I'm home alone (not really easy seeing as how I'm alone like, seven hours a week) and dispose of them shortly thereafter via plastic shopping bags and the apartment dumpster.

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    Believe it or not, even us older members may hide their diapers. One of our sons lives about a mile from us, he and his family, so I'm careful as to what I leave out. I hide my diapers in a closet attached to a spare bedroom. The bedroom is in the lower, semi-basement part of the house. I use it as my changing room. I also use the downstairs bathroom so I'm by myself unless we have company, which usually is one of our grown kids, along with their family.

    When we do have overnight company, I hide my diapers, plastic pants other other accoutrements in plastic garbage bags which I tie and hide in the laundry room. When they leave, out come the diapers along with me being "little" again...phew.

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    Take your trash out every day. You should do this anyway (although I occasionally don't if I ate out and my trash is only a single diaper and nothing else). Put your stuff in containers, or better yet in containers in drawers. It's pretty rude for guests to go rooting through one's things, and if you eliminate the risk of "accidentally opened the wrong door" by requiring active effort to actually find the diapers, you've solved the problem in 99% of situations.

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    I am Mainly Concerned with my Parents finding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaadams View Post
    I am Mainly Concerned with my Parents finding
    You're 18. Are you going to be going away to school? If so, I'd suggest just waiting a little bit, maybe buy a few samples to fill the time rather than stocking up. That way you can use and throw away without having anything to store.

    If you're planning on living at home longer, now is as good a time as any to make sure that you have some private space in your own room and take charge of things like cleaning your own space and putting your things away. That way you can store things and not worry about your parents going through your stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaadams View Post
    I am Mainly Concerned with my Parents finding
    If you don't share your room, it will be easier for you to hide the diapers in a safe location, the only advice I can give you is: Keep your room clean and empty your trashcan, this will avoid your parents entering your room to empty your trashcan and noticing the diaper in the garbage can.

    Overall: Keep your room tidy, empty your trashcan and search for a good spot to hide them.

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    If you have folks who like to prod and poke around the trash, smell would be an issue. Do bag up your used diaper before disposing of it. Use a large ziplock bag, or at least a regular plastic bag. This contains any foul smell radiating from the used diaper. Pee smell is easily picked up by people.

    And as mentioned by Archieroni, volunteer to take out the trash every day. That is the single biggest thing you can do to prevent your folks from accidentally chancing upon a used diaper, or it's odour.

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