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Thread: For anyone who has fed or feeds regularly...what does breast-milk taste like?

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    Default For anyone who has fed or feeds regularly...what does breast-milk taste like?

    Before I start I just want to say I'm a DL but I'm asking the AB side of ADISC because not a lot of us DL's do this. I'm a DL with slight AB tendencies (maybe I should have said that in the before-I-start-bit!) and because of this I'd like to try actual adult breastfeeding just once. I've occasional orally inserted a dummy/pacifier and sometimes I've worn an old-style cloth nappy (I'd say wearing old-style cloth is more AB than DL) (also me wearing the old-style cloth is quite a rare occurrence...and me using it for it's intended purpose? That's never happened because I live with my parents and if something like 'that' turned up in the wash...there'd be trouble!), anyhoo getting back to breast-feeding. I would like to try adult breastfeeding and even though actual lactating UK based ABDL nannies and nurses are very rare (I've heard that if they're not with-feeding-child they have to take hormone pills or something like that so as to get a milk flow on), I'd like to know what it taste's like so I can psych myself into a ready...state.
    Can any AB's out there help me out advice wise? Thanks in advance. BMS

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    Haven't had the experience myself, but a friend of mine who had a baby at the time says her breast milk changes taste with her diet. The more chocolate and sweets, the sweeter the breast milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueGrey View Post
    Extremely sweet taste.
    Confirmed by my personal experience. Sweet, but is like water... Not so dense like cow's milk.

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    I was permitted a few opportunities when Maxx Junior was little (30 years ago). Thinner and sweeter than the bovine variety.

    I'd have done it a lot more, except that she was too sore most of the time. Junior started big and grew fast. He needed as much as Mrs. Maxx could put out. I can't imagine trying to make the case that he should get formula so I could have the real thing....

    Fantasy and reality rarely match up the way we'd like.

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    Thanks to everyone who's answered this, it really does make me want to try's just a question of how! BMS p.s lovely sun this evening!

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    It is amazing taste. It is very sweet. I tried it and couldn't get enough of it, plus all the health attributes that come with it. You will also create an amazing bond with your partner. I would say a must try for everyone

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    From experiance I have found that the feeling of being able to have an intimate time with my fiance and her breast have been great. Now she is on birth control which prevents lactation, but the feeling and the bond is amazing. She doesnt mind that I wear diapers here and there and like I have said in my intro most of the time when I wear it is for stress release. She does allow me to get some oral stimulation with her breast. I will admit that I am not the biggest white milk drinker. If I do drink milk it is either chocolate soy milk or regular chocolate milk. I like the thought of drinking formula and there are times where I have. If I do I need to just bite the bullet and drink it when I buy it because if I dont then its 10-15 bucks down the drain. The thought of actually being able to have breast milk sounds amazing. I am a little hesitent at the same time even when its from my future wife.

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    I love the taste of breastmilk but have never been game enough to try formula? What does it taste like and are there any that is similar taste of breastmilk?

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