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    was out of town at a Anime convention. w0lfpack didnt plan ahead he forgot the diapers. friends or no i wanted to go to my first convention Diapered as an adult. did it a couppl times as child/teen. but never adult. well i just got home like 10 miniutes ago. i held it from the tennessee Border all the way home. slaped on a pullup (because at this point it was quick and still a diaper) and oh lord the glorious relief of wetting my pants. i am now feeling better than i have all weekend and i am warm, comfy, cozy and most importantly in a WET Diaper. all is as it should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    and oh lord the glorious relief of wetting my pants.
    That falls into the "things only AB/DLs would say" category. Also I know the feeling... if only I had a diaper right now :/

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