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Thread: FiancÚ wants me to be "little" tonight

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    Default FiancÚ wants me to be "little" tonight

    My FiancÚ Wants Me to Be Little Tonight
    We've discussed my ab/dl side.
    And had talked about maybe trying him being a caregiver figure. But nothing else was really said...

    Last night I had a goodnite on and we were laying in bed and I just kinda mentioned I had a diaper on. He poked my side and said he couldn't even tell, and he thought I liked thicker ones. In the end I ended getting up and putting on a slightly bulkier tape on, and didn't put my sweatpants back on. Prior to this I had only worn goodnites and always with pants on in front of him.

    Today he was texting me and it came up that I was "triple padded" last night before he came over. And he proceeded to ask why I had taken it off. We had a conversation about how I never wanted him to feel like he had to be around "little me". But he's been pretty persistent that he wants to, and he wants me to feel comfortable with myself.

    So long story short I told him if he told me when to be little I would be, but as of now he's never met "little me". He said "okay, so tonight"

    I'm not sure if I'm terrified or excited. And I'm not sure how to act.
    Does anyone have any tips for going into this "first time experience"

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    Well that's kinda weird and awkward and exciting..... To be honest I'd be pretty nervous too.

    It's funny but when I am already in a regressed state and say, in bed with my partner, I have absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever...that is I behave in a way that I couldn't even imagine doing normally.

    It doesn't always take very long to get regressed, but before I do, I can be quite shy and a little embarrassed about it. I'll even get diapered very quietly and carefully try to conceal them when I'm getting about the place ( if she's not totally aware)

    Anyway, I fully understand where you're at, and I think it's great that he's encouraging you to be yourself, just let it happen naturally and in its own space and time.

    My guess is you're in for a really fun night. Enjoy

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    The first time is pretty nerve wracking and it feels a bit awkward, but it tends to kinda taper off with the assistance of a supportive partner. I think just being able to wear beneath clothing is a big step - I was too nervous at first. Still, yay~! Supportive loved ones are a diamond. <^.^7

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    I certainly hope it went well! Don't be afraid to take things slowly, one baby step at a time. (Pun intended.)

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    We talked about comfort levels for both parties a bit, and I taught him how to diaper me.
    We aren't sure that's something he will actually be doing, but we tried a "dry run", haha I'm so punny.
    Just cuddling and being open is wonderful.

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    It sounds as if there are plenty of possibilities there for the future!

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