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Thread: Going without diapers for medical procedures

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    Default Going without diapers for medical procedures

    So there's been a few tests and medical procedures that have required me to go with out my diaper . Most the time they still kept me covered up( until sedated at least) and something under me since I would make a mess other wise. But I'd always be very uncomfortable . Has anyone else experienced this?

    The worst I recall they used dye to check kidney & bladder function on a ct type scan. Well as my diaper absorbed my pee it apoarently did the dye too. So the tech said they needed to remove my diaper . They put a towel under me . But it took like 45 mins and I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.

    I've tossed around idea of going to a nudist resort and just using my wheel chair with a diaper or pad under me. But because of this experience I wonder if it would bother me to much.
    So was curious about others feelings or experiences about going with out a diaper when you medically need/use one and how you handle it.

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    I'm one who feels too naked without one on, I've slipped into a goodnite during intimate encounters so I could have my security. I use a w/c part time and have a colostomy, I don't honestly think anyone would care if you wore a diaper at a nude beach, as most people assume ppl in wheelchairs are in diapers (rightly or wrongly) anyway.

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