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Thread: My first full outfit! (almost)

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    Default My first full outfit! (almost)

    Hi all,

    Got my first outfit today. Bought a set of Hanes panties, one of which came in purple, my favorite color. Then I got a shirt, red with black petals bordered with silver, and a built-in metallic necklace-thingy around the deep v-collar. Love it so far, even though I know I look ridiculous outside my own head. All I need now are some socks and a bra. What sizing would you recommend for a broad-shouldered 6'0 guy?

    I also need a wig.

    I also bought a foreverlazy from Goodwill which is way too small. I'll have to take it back, probably to exchange it for a nightgown of some type. I knew it would be too small but it was only 4 bucks and all the changing rooms were full. I'll walk it back, need the exercise.

    Anyway, cheers.

    Edit: returned the foreverlazy, got a pink, lacy nightgown!
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