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    So, you know that recreating-old-photos craze that's sweeping the nation right now? Yes, it's getting really old, but some people have taken it to a whole new level. I can't tell if this is so wrong it's right or if it's just plain wrong.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    lmao it's almost cringeworthy. You can see the guy in the diaper about to start laughing. That little smirk tells it all. I can just imagine the conversation before the photo took place, "Are you guys serious? A diaper? Oh my gosh that would be pretty funny actually..."

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    Maybe it's my personality and sense of humor but I find it kinda funny! Especially if those really are the same people from both photos! That tells me they too have a sick, warped sense of humor and I like them for it! Maybe I should recreate a old picture of me sitting on my bed in a diaper with my shirt stuck, hanging off my head.. it really is a cute photo! Probably not as cute if I did it today but worth a laugh!

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    Oh lord, and here I was hoping that this stupid trend had come to an early demise... how wrong I was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    He needs a better diaper.
    No disagreement there.

    I wasn't aware of this trend, but the photo the OP mentioned shows what asinine levels the trend has reached.

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    This is what's popular right now, I have a gut feeling that its gonna get much worse cringe worthy wise.
    Another thing that's also picking up rapidly is talking a lot about death and obsession about it. I know the internet is changing constantly but seriously?!

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    I haven't noticed that in the UK yet. However, after sex selfies seem to be getting popular. Fucked if I know why, but that seems to be where the UK human population is deciding to go.

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    He is just adorable. Has only seen one as cute. Stuart from Mad TV, played by Michael McDonald. Recreating old photos. It'll come to Norway this too. We're pretty quick to emulate the great world. But not for me. Then would I see how old and ugly I've become.

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