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Thread: Issues with lower crotch area padding

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    Default Issues with lower crotch area padding

    So, I've been thinking this over a bit since I started wearing but I thought I would finally ask since it's come up from wearing the Tena's.

    But anytime I wear my diapers (whether it be a goodnite or a proper adult diaper), the padding around the lower crotch area, more closer to the leg area's, seems to crumple up a bit, leaving it bumpy and lumpy and not as I've seen from most diaper users as it gets smooth, round and just all and all circular around that area.

    My thighs are pretty thick (keeping in mind I'm sort of pudgy, wouldn't say I'm fat or obese), so would that have any indication on what the problem may be? Or is that how it's supposed to be?

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    Its 100% normal really, especially with diapers that are wide. None of them slim down the center like normal tighty whites.

    Though some diapers are wider then others. The only way to prevent this is to keep your thighs spread out. Which will make walking almost impossible and make you look weird. That and spread bars, but that's a entirely different subject under BDSM.

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