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Thread: thinking about telling my best friend

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    Default thinking about telling my best friend

    okay this shows up alot. let me just start by saying the person i want to tell has know me basically my whole life. they come to me when the have problems. we have know each other long enough to pick up on when the other is in a bad mood. what i am afraid of is putting a stake through the heart of one of my oldest friendships. any advice would be nice

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    If they are who you say they are and you've known them your whole life it really shouldn't matter to them. You will find that your friends that really care about you will most likely wouldn't mind.
    I actually had an experience when I only knew a guy for a few months and he found out and was OK with it.
    You may find that you have nothing to worry about.

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    i have told one they where okay but that was kinda a spur of the moment thing she mostly figured it out her self though

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    Well what i'm observing is you are saying that you would like to be able to talk to your friend about why your are upset, which requires that you are more open with them.

    The first person i really ever told was one of my best friends who i was able to talk to about a lot of sensitive things, it was the best thing i ever did, mostly because i really needed some one on one support because i was in a lot of distress. If you think your friend is capable of giving your that kind of support, and that is something you really really need right now, then it might be worth the risk, but make sure of a few things.
    -Is your friend pretty open minded about stuff, a good indicator that i have found is what is their opinion on homosexuality, they are two unrelated subjects, but it is a good way of evaluating how open minded your friend is.
    -Do you think that it will stress your friend if you confide in him a lot? This might not mean that you can't tell him/her about your little side, but it might mean that you can or cant talk that much about it with them because they might not want to hear about it that much, which might mean it isn't worth it for you to risk it. If you talk about a lot of your troubles together and they seem like the person that likes to ask intelegent questions and provide advice when you confide in them, then that might be something that they like to do for you. If they just nod their head and say things like, 'dang that sucks', they might not be interested to hear about every single thing that is going on in your life.
    -How are they with secrets?
    -Do they tell you sensitive information about themselves? If so, you are probably pretty safe to confide in them, since they trust you.

    A lot of people on here may tell you that you shouldn't tell anybody but your partner, and comment on how they would never share anything about them that is sexual because other's don't need to know. There is a lot about that which is true that is important to consider, but i don't think it is that simple.

    They really don't need to know, but sometimes you need them to know, because you need somebody to confide in, even if it just makes your odd lifestyle seem a little more normal.
    For me, it makes me feel a lot more confident in myself knowing that I don't really fear telling anybody anymore. I know what type of people are capable of accepting it, and if they ask me a question that reveals myself, i'm not afraid to tell because, for me, it is normal. Being able to live a 'normal' life, even if it is in your own mind, is kind of relaxing, especially after being so weird for such a long time.

    Be careful who you tell though. Telling my parents was the wrong choice. You have to start slow, and then decide if you really are going to tell anybody else, and how important to you it is to tell others in order to maintain your sanity.

    Good luck, be careful.

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    she knows i am a furry we have talked about things she could not tell other people i am willing to risk it i think

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    Well I would recommend that you tell her that your still the same friend she liked and knew you where the day before you told her you where AB/DL. The only difference being is that now she knows about a side of you that she was not aware of. That would help put her at ease I would think.

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    I told my best friend about it and she was so supportive! She accepted it, asked questions, and has sort of been my journal about my journey into the ABDL world.
    If you're best friend is your best friend, they'll accept it. After explaining what the acronym meant she seemed curious about the whole thing and with a proper explanation, things are going swimmingly.
    I say go for it!

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    I am going to a am going to tell it to her face I just have to wait for her other half not to be around

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    Quote Originally Posted by emberthefox View Post
    I am going to a am going to tell it to her face I just have to wait for her other half not to be around
    Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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