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Thread: Who is (like me) making sure (somewhat a bit too much) having enough diapers at all times?

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    Default Who is (like me) making sure (somewhat a bit too much) having enough diapers at all times?

    Perhaps I am the only one who has stocks of diapers (and pacis) in case I could not easily order one day when I had no more... In fact, I have tens of different (babyish) brands and far from being at risk of full BO situation. I order when I think it is unlikely to be a problem at delivery.

    Any other share this dynamic?

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    lol, this is totally me.

    I start fidgeting around looking for diapers every couple of weeks and use excuses of that it will be good to have a nice stockpile. I like to use the excuse for buying cloth diapers that it will be good to have in case i can't afford disposables.
    I have more ab stuff than i probably need.

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    Well, I can and do buy Abena M4's retail. I have cloth pullup prefits and several plastic pants. Pacis or anything especially babyish - or sissy - like stuff in prints, is lost on me. And I know how to pin a regular cloth diaper, so although I would be frantic if I ever found myself in the mood without supplies, I don't see that being much of a danger.

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    I use to go months without having diapers so ones I got driver license I bought a tun at ones. went from having a single small pack of goodnights and well beginnings /s 6 with pampers /s 6 to that + luvs, parents choice /s 6, underjams, whitecloud training pants and sleep pants. Now to keep them hidden since I live with parents XD

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    I have definitely done this! I have had to control myself and stop it lately simply because I have no more room to put any more diapers. As of right now my closet has 5 draws full of different types of diapers ranging from Abena M4s, Tena Slip Maxis, Attends Breathables, Bambinos and other kinds. And then I have 5 case boxes of different cases on the top shelf of my closet. Finally, I have 3 long binds under my bed full of diapers. I probably have well over 500 diapers stashed away in my room.

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    I'm not saying I have a problem....but.... I haven't run all the way out of supplies for several years now.

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    I don't plan on running out at all. I get my Absorbency Plus Level 4's on auto ship from Gary at XP Medical.
    I also have ten Dependeco AIO's for overnight as well as some PUL diaper covers from them also.
    Also have four prefolds and two contour twill weave diapers from CTDC. Got to check my inventory of plastic
    pants so I don't run out. Never know when a side seam might split out and need to be replaced.

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    I obsessive compulsively browse the web for what looks like the "perfect diaper" - but I don't actually own many

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    I have a rather large supply of high quality disposables, plus some really cheap, store brand disposables for backup if desperate. Also got my first Dependeco AIO and a pocket diaper from Snap-Ez, both of which I love, and will order more when I get the money. Currently about five pair of plastic pants plus a plastic "bloomer." All in all, pretty good supply for now. However, I'm always looking to add to the collection.

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    I like to keep a stash of three/four months worth of diapers, last time I ordered them was back in late January and I will be running out on May 2nd . I will be ordering more within a week, so by the time I get them I will just have used up my remaining stock. So far I haven't managed to get X amounts of other ab items, bought another pacifier and started using it in January and so far so good it will need replacing when my work picks up in june/july.

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