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Thread: New diaper print! (pampers 1989 remake)

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    Default New diaper print! (pampers 1989 remake)

    Hi again! I tried to make somewhat of a replica of the 1989 disney babies print used by pampers. Pictures are not the same since the original ones are not available anywhere, but I tried my best to add similiar images. I do not own the pictures used in this print or gain profit from this, all © disney. Dimensions are 26cm x 10cm.

    Feel free to print it out and tape on your diaper remember to print to an A4 set to landscape (paper sideways).

    My print:

    The original:
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    I sure miss those nice plastic backed diapers. Those were on the shelves when I started getting back into diapers at age 10, although I was partial to Luvs Deluxe. The smell was heavenly.

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    very nice, I remember how much my heart yearned for those diapers

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    I never had those Pampers but they looked awesome
    I miss the plastic backed baby diapers.

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    How do you make these? Been thinking of making some of my own but not sure if it's just a matter of piecing images together or what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattCatt View Post
    How do you make these? Been thinking of making some of my own but not sure if it's just a matter of piecing images together or what.
    It's exactly that All you need is adobe photoshop, which you can buy or aquire some other way...

    Make a new file with dimensions Height: 10cm and Width: 26cm (or your own preferance) and set dpi to 300 (so it's print quality)

    Then you just add images of your choosing and save it as highest quality jpeg

    Print it out on A4 paper set to landscape way, cut the image out of the paper and tape it on your diaper with transparent tape.


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    Those are sooooo cute, wish some of the AB nappy companies like Bambino, ABU (OK they have the SDK's) Cuddlz and Fabine would use something similar, I do wonder who designs their prints for them as they seem to have a different idea to what I think a lot of AB's consider cute! I wish that there was also a design more simialr to the Pampers I remember, The Pampers in the UK had the teddies like on the SDK's, however the earlier Pampers that were around when i started getting into nappies again, was a much simpler design, consisting of symmetrical rows of pastel coloured teddies, the teddies themselves were a very basic design and there was a row of pastel blue, green yellow and pink repeated on the other side, the designs back then actually had a purpose other than an advertising gimmick for companies like Disney, they were simply to aid mummy or daddy placing the tapes equally on both sides and I wish they still did that.

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