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Thread: Looking for a saints row 4 diaper mod

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    Default Looking for a saints row 4 diaper mod

    does anyone know where to find, or can they create a diaper mod?

    p.s. ive never made a thread before is this ok, if not i can take it down immediatly

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    im currently working on a diaper mod for Fallout NV and Fallout 3 but it is for a Child body mesh. i am looking into creating a whole clothing line utilising the diaper mesh i have. i have both the mesh and texture for a specific diaper ill link a picture using the exact diaper and texture its a homemade ad made in DAZ 3D art studio from the guy who made the texture using an open source mesh. but im still learning the basics of blender and Gimp. and i also have to learn texture mapping but it will eventually be compleate and i will link it for those who are Fallout gamers. Possibly i may find a way to patch it to Skyrim as a child's outfit.

    if i get enough demand i may eventually patch it to an adult body mesh but i doubt it will get much support on the nexus.

    Lil' Explorerz by bwakee on deviantART

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