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Thread: Providers Choice Still In Business?

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    Default Providers Choice Still In Business?

    Hey everybody, just a quick drop in to ask: Has anyone by any chance heard from or ordered from Providers Choice anytime in the last year or so?

    A couple years back they came up with a fairly good idea for a diaper, a plastic backed brief with hook-and-loop taping panel and tabs. It was called the Providers's Choice Active Ultra Plus 12 Hr Brief (Quite a mouthfull). I tried a couple and while I wasn't super impressed would like to have a few again, to try and add to the collection.

    However, they're site at Providers Choice only appears functional and it doesn't seem to be possible to order from them any longer. The phone number listed also appears defunct. If anyone has heard from them or knows anywhere these diapers could still be gotten (heck, any members have a pack of mediums laying around?) I'd really like to know about it.


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    The Active ultra plus briefs from Providers choice are no longer manufactured or sold. Last year I called every site who had them listed for sale at one time or another and everyone was sold out. I have no idea why but Providers Choice went out of buisness or ??
    Last year around my birthday (1/22/2013) I was fortunate enough to find some one selling them on Ebay and bought 4 cases (large) before they disappeared completely. I still have three and a half cases!! Been thinking about selling some on Ebay since they are vintage now but don't know how many people would be interested in them. I personally thought they were brilliant! Plastic backed with hook & loop tabs, all white with hardly a wetness indicator. I bought them large so I could load them with pads and enjoy being thickly padded, plus with the velcro I wear them multiple times (without wetting them).

    Sorry to burst your bubble but they are gone, unless you find them on Ebay!

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    I had been wondering what had happened to them as well, got a sample pack when I first heard about them, and liked them so much that I bought a case... that was a few years ago, but when I was getting ready for a road trip last year I couldn't find them anywhere, a real shame because they were a fantastic product.

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    I still have one from when I ordered samples (accidentally ordered 2 samples) in 2010.

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    Out of business. Tapes ripped off so good riddance m

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    I remember trying the sample and really liked them from what I remember. At the time I was overstocked so I never ordered a case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    Out of business. Tapes ripped off so good riddance m
    HARSH (but I understand)!! I tried the samples when they first started, ordered a case soon after, another case later on and never had issues with the tapes. Not long after that I started seeing complaints about the tapes in reviews and wondered what everyone was talking about. Like I said I bought 4 cases a year ago, I have gone through two packs since then. YES, have had a few issues with the tabs, but only on a few of the "newer" diapers (probably the last production run). Still a brilliant idea and I love them! If only they had fixed the tabs and were still in buisness.

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    Those diapers were awesome! I still have about 10 of them left in my rare diaper stash. Sadly they're no longer made, but they can be brought back - the company that made them is the same one that produces Bambinos. All you need to do is order 50,000+ of them and they'd produce them for you

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    I have heard of them but didn't know where to buy them or if they were any good.

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