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Thread: Is it my AB side comimg out ?

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    Default Is it my AB side comimg out ?

    Today i wore my cloth diaper to work and even though it was wet and smelly as rubbing i could not be bothered/wanted to change it as so i needed a momy to tell me i need changing
    Os that my AB side coming out ?

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    I hate to be the voice of reason here, and I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself. That said, if you're in a public context, it is important that you practice proper hygiene. It's very unkind to subject other people to the smell of your used diapers and you should also be concerned about developing a rash, which is very unpleasant.

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    Yes I know what your saying about diaper rash as i'm red roar tonight

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    I would give some serious thought as to wetting, and smelling at the workplace. It's important to separate our desires from our professional life. That said, yes, you were having an AB moment. I don't get them at work, or almost never, because I don't go to work diapered. I find it necessary to keep the two apart.

    We've got to live in this world and one of the most important things we do is earn a living wage. I would urge you not to jeopardize that. It would be nice to have a mommy, something I more or less have in the morning when I wake diapered and wet, as my wife plays to my little side. Once I'm showered and dressed, I have things to do, so the diaper side of me often gets shelved until I have the free time.

    Understand, I'm not bashing you because most of us have these desires and they're hard to ignore. For the sake of social survival, we find ways to get past them so that those who would be judgmental never know. Got to protect yourself.

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    I agree with dogboy, keep them separate.
    You did have an AB moment cause I was only a DL until I wanted a paci and a plushie.

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