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    I've always felt like I was a baby in some way coming up. I'm guessing because I grew up a "momma's boy" at a young age. When I came into puberty, my "infantilism" become more sexual than a simple desire to be a baby. Several years later, while infantilism is a big part of my sexuality, I've been working on returning back to a natural state of pure innocents and more Asexual towards my baby life.

    Is this even possible and if so, has anyone ever successfully made such a transition?

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    That's something I've pondered. Making that "transition" is something that I've thought about just recently.
    Wearing and wetting my diapers (I'm soaked right now) has been very sexual to me, even before I reached puberty.
    Good luck to you, friend, when or if you're going to cross that bridge. Thanks for the interesting thread....

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    This transition becomes easier with time. By time, I mean, now that I'm 66 years old, I can go a week without some sort of sexual release. I actually like this because I stay in that area of limbo, a somewhat sexual high which allows me to regress significantly, where I can then feel and stay "little". For you it might be a question of self discipline, trying to block out the sexual element for the prolonged and sustained state of regression, one that's linked to a feeling of innocence.

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    it kinda pops on and off for me

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    I recently saw a picture of a family (mother, father and baby), in nothing but a diaper and sitting on the floor with their backs turned towards us and looking over their shoulders. I re-posted the picture to my own private Facebook page which consists of real life friends and co-workers, then proceeded to judge it because they took that kind of picture with a baby. Very confused with my mentality for the picture, a few of them questioned what was the big deal. I told them, while it a very cute and innocent looking picture, "I" as an adult baby didn't approve, because they had their actual kid in the picture and when dealing with "infantilism", you just don't cross that line. They understood where I was coming from, but at the same time felt that I shouldn't really think anything of it. I pondered this for a very long time and I wondered, other than the community frowning upon it (and rightfully so in most cases) and the fact that the mere act of "infantilism" can be construed with sexual themes, we tend to shun away from it because we don't want to get a bad rep for making that connection. I've been trying to block out my sexual desire for infantilism for quite some time now, not so much that I'm trying to separate myself from those who enjoy it or worry about being misunderstood for a perv in a different sense. I've tried giving up being an adult baby and I'm here to tell you, it's not going anywhere, like it or not So, I figured if I'm doomed to have desires about wanting to be a "real" baby, innocents and all, then I want it to be as plain and natural as day. I've never had *ANY* kind of sexual excitement for minors and on that same note, I want to do away with having any sexual desires (as a bi-sexual) when I see men and women as adult babies. Does any of this make sense?

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    I sympathize with your anxiety on this score as this is a complex matter. My best advice is to embrace the contradictions and how you experience this. The ongoing act of resistance can be the very thing that gives it power over us. The more I have accepted this, and all of this, the more multidimensional it has become for me. It is still primarily sexual, but in acceptance, I have found that the enjoyment doesn't have to only be sexual and this has led to more varied ABDL experiences.

    As you have noted your difficulties in making this change, I would suggest really trying to accept it. After all, if you were asking about removing the sexual attraction to your desired sex just because the urges were occasionally inconvenient, I don't think many would see that as a reasonable response. Humans are sexual beings and this is a part of your sexuality. Try learning to enjoy it and see if you can vary your experiences.

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    Very sound advices Thank you all for your input, as I'm starting to learn that I'm making things out to be more that what they really are. Funny, I tend to do this often in life as well lol.

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