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    I would usually make this into a blog post, but since it requires immediate help, I figured I would make it a forum post instead to get the most feedback and assistance.

    So I recently got fired from my first job which was working at the county dump. My current supervisor was on vacation and a replacement came in. On that day, I was working the floor by myself while other co-workers were currently busy with other tasks. One dumpster was being off-loaded so only the other one was in use, and only two cars per dumpster. Both slots were being used by big loads and more people were lining up with even more big loads when the urge to pee hit. The replacement supervisor pulled up from the convenient store with his drink and food (we're not allowed to leave for lunch). Because I coulnd't find anyone to help make the process flow faster, I asked him if he can help until business slows down and I would be able to take a break. Now because we were a certain distance apart and there was heavy machinery being used, I had to raise my voice a little bit in order to make myself heard. He reported it later that day as "disrespectful insubordination" and the bosses told me I was no longer welcome. So I'm left to find another job after that disaster.

    But the real problem is this, I planned on staying for another month because in May, my dad and I will be visiting home for a family reunion as my cousin is graduating. With the feeling of job security, I gained permission from the bosses at the dump, but now I'm left to find another job with less than a month until the day we leave. I wanted at least a month in advance, but it's too late. Now the question is this: will a business hire me knowing I will be gone for two weeks just after I get hired? That's my biggest concern right now and I'm considering on staying behind while my dad goes back home in order to obtain another job.

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    #1 getting the job: It is very important to get a recommendation from one of your bosses. If you can get one of them supporting you when applying for new jobs it will effectively let you turn what would be a negative into a way for you to bring up your strong work ethic again without boring them with it.

    #2: If you want to get two weeks right away you need to get the interviewers thinking that even with that you are by far the best choice. It will make some turn you down, but I know several people who have done this. It may be easier for you given that the circumstances of your unemployment may generate some sympathy.

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