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Thread: What are your favorite AB 'accessories'

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    Default What are your favorite AB 'accessories'

    I realllly love footed sleepers and just can't feel quite right without a paci in hand.
    What are some of your favorite items?

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    My terries nappies ,plastic pants and I've just brought a nuk5 paci

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitteredArtist View Post
    I am looking into plastic pants - there's sooo many to choose from
    If using over cloth go one size up

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    Also exploring the idea of cloth ... It's just a lot of initial start up cost. I know I like disposables too - and I'm afraid I'd buy cloth and hate them and feel like I was out so much money.

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    I just now tried footed pajamas and they are pretty comfy and awesome! I think my favorite would be stuffed animals and if that doesn't quite match enough, as lots of people like stuffed animals, theeeeen pacifiers.

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    I like my feetie jammies because they aren't specifically only AB so I can wear them around friends and such and it's not super weird. There's no arguing with being a cuddled up ball of warmth

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    Of all my ab stuff I say is my favorite footed pajamas and of course my little teddy bear.

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    My footed pajamas over my Dependeco AIO and paci at bedtime.

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    Comfortable pajamas, my dummy clipped to my PJs and an electric blanket. The blanket may not be AB but it's the perfect combination!

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