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Thread: First pack of diapers! :D

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    Default First pack of diapers! :D

    As the title says, today marks a big step in my AB/DL journey. The mail came in today, with a package of Tena Slip Maxis! :3

    Just thought I should make a post here (even though I've not been on this website much lately) because you guys were a great help when I got my first pack of drynites what must have been a few years ago, and I believe I might not have ordered this pack I got today for a long time without Adisc.

    So, thanks everyone.

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    Enjoy them. I've tried them before, they are very good ..

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    They are great, they hold a lot of pee, I have a well soaked one on now. Have fun :3

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    There are all kinds of fun diapers out there to try.

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    Great, welcome to the Tena-side of padding.
    Enjoy them :3

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    Currently in Tena Slip Ultimas... very happy with them. Haven't tried the Maxis... how have you found them?

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    Congratulations and enjoy them. I have yet to try any kind of Tena diapers, but I've heard good things about them.

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    OP hasn't reported back yet - must've died from an awesome-overdose.

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    What a coincidence, I got some Tena Slip Maxi's as my first adult diaper nearly a week ago.

    Good to hear I'm not alone in the first-time tena journey :3

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