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Thread: The Ideals of Plastic Backed, Crinkles and Thickness

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    Default The Ideals of Plastic Backed, Crinkles and Thickness

    Now, as the title may suggest this thread is going to be based around three different things.

    Plastic Backed diapers, the crinkly sounds that they make when you move in them and how thick they are.

    And I'm going to be explaining my thoughts as to why I personally do not like certain aspects of these as much as regular AB/DL's do.

    First off, Plastic Backed. There has been many a negative comment or discussion being made whenever a certain adult diaper on the market goes from being the preferred Plastic Backed to being Cloth Backed.

    Now, the first thing most ABDL's think when they hear that is the disapproval and often loud negative reception regarding the switch to cloth. And while they also disapprove because of other features being diminished from the original product, Cloth-Backed is as biggie for most of us apparently.

    A recent example is the Tena Slip line (which I have had experience with thanks to finding some at a local chemist). I gotta say, I don't get what the problem is. The cloth-backing feels great, really comfortable to sit down in, I did a test run with taking it around and wearing it for a full uni morning (three hour session) and it held up just fine.

    I never got to experience Plastic Backed before the switch, but I would imagine that the plastic backing would've felt awkward outside of babyplay and just all around sweaty for day-to-day activity. And yes, I know that the Tena Pants line is for those, but dangit, I believe that these can hold up the job just as well!

    Which leads me to my second topic, the crinkles. Most AB's especially love these sounds because of how it makes them know that they're wearing a big, white, cute plastic thing being hugged around their butts.

    But for me, I like to think that DL's and IC's of the community like to know that they're safe from public humiliation if someone overhears their padding going all "crinkle crinkle" in public.

    Hence, I feel like (as a newly-found sometimes wearing in public DL) crinkles from plastic back would only serve a purpose in regression or babyplay or any other kind of AB activity, but from a realistic stand-point, for DL's and IC's, it's not really the best.

    And finally, thickness. This one is surprising to me. Because we as AB's (and some DL's as I've discovered) like to believe that the thicker the diaper is, the more enjoyment they can get from it. Whether it be in art, discussions on sites like this one or generally most things regarding the culture, thickness seems to be in top priority when choosing a diaper to wear.

    The main reason I believe is that we think that the thicker it is, the more babyish and therefore more cute it looks to wear. And that by receiving maximum thickness, you can get the most enjoyment from your white, fluffy, padding.

    But I like to think that thickness, while it is good to simulate the idea of waddling (which is important to babyplay and AB regression, don't get me wrong.), it's not really that accurate to how we had it has youngsters.

    See, I've gone back and gotten a Huggies from when I got a small pack as boosters when I wore goodnites up until recently. And from a looks at things, even if it's just a little bit more so, the adult padding is almost the exact same thickness (just larger for adult-sized bottoms and bladders) to that of a baby diaper.

    So, when we seek to find the thickest because we remember the diapers we wore as actual babies being thick, I don't think that, I just think we like that idea because it helps AB and babyplay. Which I don't mind.

    But to wear in public, that's probably gonna raise a few eyebrows. And in general, just isn't fit for wearing outside of playing baby. But again, it does the job for that pretty dang good

    So, there are my personal thoughts on the three big subjects when it comes to diapers. I know I've only started to wear proper ones 3 days ago, but I felt I could share some of my own opinions since I've finally got the credibility of wearing some legit ones on my side.

    Thank you all for reading this. And whatever your preference may be. Cloth, plastic, crinkles, no crinkles, thick or not thick at all. Just remember, we're all one padded family in the end.

    And no matter what we wear down there, if we at least feel happy to wear them, I don't see what the problem is with them at all.

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    No one can tell when you wear crinkle pants out. I have worn some of the most crinkly type of diapers and plastic pants out and no one could hear or tell. Even the people I hang out with that know that I wear diapers couldn't and didn't hear. So I feel just go and wear what you feel you like to wear and not worry about the people around. For unless you are really trying to have your diaper heard it won't be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedinTexas View Post
    No one can tell when you wear crinkle pants out. I have worn some of the most crinkly type of diapers and plastic pants out and no one could hear or tell. Even the people I hang out with that know that I wear diapers couldn't and didn't hear. So I feel just go and wear what you feel you like to wear and not worry about the people around. For unless you are really trying to have your diaper heard it won't be.
    Again, this is from what I've found myself (usually stuff on here considering mine don't crinkle), but this is what I've gathered.

    It may not all be accurate to everyone's side of the story, I understand that, but I was just saying it for opinions sake.

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    I believe the reason why ab/dl's are so fond of plastic-backed is because if they wore disposables as an infant they were most likely plastic-backed. While I suppose there might be some level of ''authenticity'' to plastic-backed diapers, I myself have tried them once and found them uncomfortable. It made my butt very sweaty and uncomfortable just to sleep in it. It honestly felt like I was wearing a garbage bag.

    A bit of a crinkle can be cute to me, but like many ab/dl's it sounds very loud and noticeable to my ears and I therefore don't wear noisy padding around my parents.

    I prefer a thicker diaper because I can feel it better against my skin. I'm very ''touch-starved'' so a thick, soft garment around my lower half is comforting.

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    I LOVE the old plastic backed Tena slip (maxi medium) The plastic backing never leaked and I had faith in them. The cloth backed ultra version can weep under pressure, or at least they have done when I have worn them all day.
    In my opinion the plastic backed tena were the best and very reliable. I have doubts about the new ones.

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    I think there is more complexity to it than what you're saying. As you point out, characteristics like thickness and plastic are important to ABs. However, they're also important to many DLs. It's hard to synthesize exactly what characteristics make someone attracted to a diaper, but look, sound, and feel can all play a role. Being a DL is more than just liking to wear and maybe use diapers. The source of excitement or attraction can come from many aspects of the whole diaper experience. I suspect that which traits are important also varies person to person.

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    I do prefer thinner nappies, it has to be said. But I also enjoy a bit of crinkle too. I'm not remotely AB but I enjoy the sound a lot. As for plastic versus cloth... I do think I prefer plastic, though not by much. Mainly I prefer them because they tend to hold their shape much better and avoid sagging, which goes back to how I don't want my nappies overly thick.

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    The issue I have with all of the cloth backed diapers I've tried is that they just suck. They all had poor odor control, they all felt sort of damp and clammy on the outside after more than an hour or two of wear, and several of them seemed to have reduced capacity compared to their plastic counterparts. I've also encountered cloth backed diapers that made more noise than plastic backed. The cloth outer shell was also uncomfortable because it tended to be abrasive where it moved against my legs (contrast with smooth plastic).

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    I think the main reason why AB/DL's would prefer plastic-backed disposable diapers is if they grew up wearing them as a baby or as a kid. I have to say I prefer plastic-backed diapers more and love hearing crinkles. I also prefer thicker diapers, they make me feel younger when I waddle around.

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    For me, both aesthetics and practicalities play a role, depending on whether I'm at work or leisure. In my list of personal pros and cons below, A: Aesthetic, P: Practical, +: advantages, -: disadvantages.

    P+ I'm a heavy wetter, I need lots of absorbency especially for work, travel and evenings out.
    P- Minimal - I wear ordinary jeans so no-one can tell what I'm wearing under normal conditions.
    A+ Thick nappies give a more intense physical sensation and are less like ordinary underwear.
    A- None.

    P+ None.
    P- I sometimes work in quiet areas, crinkly nappies could be just audible under certain conditions.
    A+ Reminds me I'm in a nappy, reminiscent of childhood.
    A- None.

    Plastic backed:
    P+ Reliably waterproof, better containment of smells, less prone to catching, chafing and pilling when rubbing against clothing or 'manually', hold shape better when full.
    P- Less comfortable in extreme heat and humidity.
    A+ Smooth and nice to touch and handle, feel more 'hygienic' and 'sanitary' for passing body wastes in, More reminiscent of childhood.
    A- None.

    For me, a thick, medium-crinkle plastic backed offers both the sensations I enjoy at playtime and the safety and confidence I need at work. The point about the sanitary feel of the plastic backing is important to me; it feels especially 'inappropriate' to mess in something rather like thick, floppy underwear. Just as I would feel more comfortable having a BM in a plastic bucket than in a cloth sack, so it is with nappies. OK, it's the same kind of liner against the body that actually collects the waste but the plastic gives an (accurate!) impression that everything is safely contained. Together with a pair of good plastic pants, the sensations of waterproof-ness and thickness give me the confidence to relieve myself freely and without compromise, which is what wearing a nappy is all about. YMMV.

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