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Thread: Are there any GOOD plastic backed diapers left??

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    Default Are there any GOOD plastic backed diapers left??

    So, now that the Tena Slip Maxi, which was my and I'm sure a plethora of other people's favorite diaper, has gone cloth backed, it seems the trend of companies messing up good diapers is ongoing:

    Tena Slip is cloth backed.
    Abena, I think, is cloth backed.
    Bambino screwed up their product in the new run, hopefully not permanently.
    Dry 24/7 also hasn't had the best reviews.
    ABU is having some serious customer service issues right now.

    If you're looking to order a good plastic backed diaper today, what would you get? Would you risk one of those, or is there something else?

    Dark days for the plastic backed fan base.

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    Hi Maxipad89, yes there is still one good plastic backed nappy left that I am aware of and long may they still make them. It's the Molicare Super Plus.

    With them being the last mass produced plastic backed nappy hopefully they will sell in significant numbers so that they continue to make them and hopefully send out a message to other manufacturers that there is still a market for them and they can bring them back.

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    Have you tried the new Absorbency Plus Level 3's or 4's from XP Medical? In my opinion they're a pretty good plastic backed diaper.

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    Also, last I checked, the XP medical site said that demand for Abena M4 in plastic is strong, with no plans to discontinue those just yet.

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    Superio diapers are quite good and plastic backed. Tena Slips at least in the US, are still plastic backed, I hope they stay that way. Abena M4 and Molicare Super Plus are both plastic backed still. I'm kind of on the fence with the XP Medical brand ones, they are a bit awkward for me fit wise. I usually wear medium diapers, but theirs run small and the larges are too big. A few other brands are like this, they expect everyone's thighs to be skinny (kind of makes it a challenge with plastic pants too).

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    Agree with bobo.

    If been wearing Bellissomos and Conficare 24/7's back to back lately. Bellisimos for me, seem to be the best in capacity but fit is sub par. Fit an quality are the 24/7's big plus. I've had defective Bambinos, broken tapes etc... but no defective 24/7's thus far.

    Despite any slack written about the Dry 24/7's 2014 diaper, they fit in every way better than the Bellissimmo. I highly recommend them for the money. Because the fit is so much better (actually listed accurately unlike Bellissimo) I've decided to go with them with a Booster. Keep in mind they run a bit larger, more like a Molicore or other brand names, so if you fit in the small, really do order the small.

    When the Conficare go off sale, it will be a harder choice. I may just have to lose some weight to get into a medium Bellissimo better as the Larges were rediculously big.

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    I am assuming that Comficare is only available in europe unless you pay a very high shipping charge to ship to the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyd View Post
    I am assuming that Comficare is only available in europe unless you pay a very high shipping charge to ship to the states.
    I think so. Try DryCare 24/7.

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    I've only been wearing for a year or so but I have noticed the decline in the quality and production of plastic-backed diapers and that really makes med kinda upset. Cloth covered sucks to me. I know some people dig it but I don't because I don't associate it with baby diapers at all because that's what I wore. I was shocked the first time I saw a diaper with a cloth-like cover. It just isn't right. There may soon be a day when plastic backed diapers no longer exists.

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