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Thread: A week of Diaper firsts for me

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    Default A week of Diaper firsts for me

    Hi my fellow padded one's this week has been a week of diaper first for me HORAY
    Yesterday i wore a terry nappy in the day time for most of the day first time in 36 years i'm 39 in july
    Today i was in the front room on the sofa and felt a poop coming but could not hold it and did not want to hold it either i'm still in that nappy and have no plans to change it
    P/s i do have a craving to suck a paci so i guess in a ABDL Not just a DL

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    Well just had another first which was a shock but nice surprise , i had striped down to clean my very poopy diaper but what happened next was a total surprise OMG! i started peeing and couldn't stop had to move my feet quick as i still had socks on and didn't want to soak them .
    I haven't done that sort of thing since i was a toddler back in the 70's and was still potty training
    So to sum up i was lucky i striped off as i would of had wet shorts as well
    P/s that paci craving is getting stronger

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    Wow.. What a week. Sounds fun
    Yesterday defo was as i had shorts on over my cloth dapier so it did show a buldge at the front

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