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Thread: My little is back to grade school.

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    Default My little is back to grade school.

    It is a game i been playing with my little guy. He just turned 22 and i think it is a good time for him to go back to grade school, so he is in the 3rd grade now. I hope we can cover all the topics, the thing is that the kid has to work hard for this, you know, do his homework, study for his tests and all that.

    I think he should feel very little while doing that. and I found it endering to see the little guy struggling with units, tens and cents, or trying to memorize when the battle of independence took place...

    any othe littles here that are grade schoolers?


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    I like the idea, but don't know if I could personally dumb myself down to an elementary schooler status. Then again, I've never fully regressed, so that may be the thing that helps one enter that mindset.

    If that grade school concept focused on recess I could find myself hopping on board =P

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    My little side often is the age where I'm about ready to begin preschool and get excited about it.
    Naturally (from my past I won't go into) I regress to being a 8-10 year old and I feel the anxiety all over again
    Sounds like a fun game you're playing!

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    That does sound fun. I just have a feeling that I am not smarter than a 5th grader.

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    That sounds fun!

    I think I'd get too bored, though. When I'm little, I'm like between 8 and 12, and I don't wanna (re)-learn everything haha.

    Recess on the other hand, yes, I agree about recess.

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    sounds fun

    there is a site for that here Little Paws Elementary School: Home
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    It sounds fun for AB's who aren't heavily into academia.

    When I do simple coursework I just get irritated, I feel much better working with complex equations and formulas.

    Can't ageplay during class though, but I get plenty of homework so I can relax with my dummy and some physics!

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    That sounds like a lot of fun! One of my little fantasies is going back to elementary school (generally around first grade). It's actually one of my stronger triggers, so much so that I get really anxious when I'm around elementary schools... and I happen to live right down the street from the one I went to. I just see the kids and I feel like I should still be going there, but unfortunately not...

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    that sounds like how i normally am lol i'm terrible with maths and science, though i think most of the stuff we use every day is all in elementary school and beyond that isnt much use. that does sound like a LOT of fun though, but maybe like to kindergarten or first grade, for some reason when i was in those grades there was a lot of theater and singing going on, and snacks provided lol :P

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    That sounds like a lot of fun! I've thought about buying one of those leapfrog tablets to play with because they have all of those learning games.

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