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Thread: Tight fitting clothes and Onesies

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    Default Tight fitting clothes and Onesies

    I was going through some old clothes in my drawers and came across some smaller shorts I used to wear (size S, I'm now L). I'm planning on wearing them to bed tonight as a way to keep my diaper from sagging, and as a temporary replacement until I can order a onesie. Those who have done something similar, what was your experience? Less leaks? Diaper Rash?

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    I sense that there will be a little lack of adequate coverage.
    The sum of the 'SMALL' parts will not be more than the 'LARGE'.
    It will be like a bikini trying to hold back the flood gates
    that only a brief could handle !
    So leaks yes possible !
    As for diaper rash not likely with short term exposure
    unless you are planning more than one night without
    change - your wouldn't would you ?

    And yet another feature of "TIGHT CLOTHES" is that
    they do not soak up as much fluid as loose ones !
    Every movement with tight clothes tends to wring
    out moisture with loose no wringing action.

    I would find a better "Plan 'B'" to be dry and comfortable !
    But who am I - just an 800 pound gorilla in a onesie !

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    If your shorts are athletic spandex shorts, then I would suggest going to Walmart and getting some starter shorts to wear over your diaper. I have a spandex fetish and enjoy wearing lots of tight stuff over my diaper (Lots as in, there are a lot of tight things I have to wear, not I actually wear lots of items over it).

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