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Thread: Is anyone there?

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    Default Is anyone there?

    The other sub forums seem to have lots of replies...are there only five or six of us in this sub-forum? Sometimes the last post here will be from a day ago while the other forums have replies that are minutes old.

    I guess it's a matter of going from uncommon to really uncommon.

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    It usually picks up when another new sissy joins up and wants to know size conversions or how/where to get items, at least from the patterns I observe. It's nothing personal at all, this subfor doesn't get much traffic to begin with and sometimes the same rounds of questions get asked consecutively. Also just because there are no posts doesn't mean they aren't being read

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    i mostly only respond when some one wants to cut off their.... Oh My!!! (big grin)
    just kidding, i try to offer help and a friendly smile on other subjects too.

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    There are LURKERS out there and then there are "L_U_R_K_E_R_S" !
    All they have to do is make the leap of faith and post !
    Everyone of us started somewhere - someplace - either this forum or another.
    This forum has a wide range of topics and has something for everyone be it
    AB - DL - ABDL - Sissy - Diaper wearing incontinent persons - and so on and so forth !
    Understandably there are some that because of civic or personal position want to
    approach this with care to avoid embarrassment and potential career killing mishaps.
    So for you lurkers - read on and when you are ready to post we would love to hear
    what you have to comment on. Everyone brings something of value to the forum !

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    Dear bfp2
    This is one of the most intelligent and informed forms i have ever been on. Questions answered with a lot of care and thought. Wish my writing was as elegant as most of the posters here. We may all be just a little uncommon. Then i can look backwards to before the internet and have no options or understanding about how i feel. That my friend was very lonely.
    Sincerely mypet

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    Sometimes I feel like I'm entering a dark and unknown place. It is comforting to call out into the darkness and hear that others are out there. Doesn't matter if they are lost too...just knowing somone else is there helps.

    Now that sounded like it was way to sappy and full of drama, but what the heck...I think you can understand it. Talking does no harm and may do some good, besides we are anonymous.

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    This forum is pretty quiet, yeah. I think there are a few reasons. First, there aren't many of us who are sissies and LGs, so there's less traffic just based on that. Second, I suspect that a higher number of people aren't willing to post here because they don't want to admit to having 'girly' desires. (I had a mini-heart attack when I first joined ADISC and voted in a poll here in which I admitted to liking panties, lol). Finally, our interests are a little narrower here. There's only so much you can say about dresses sometimes...that said, there's definitely more we can say!

    But you're totally not alone here. I always read this forum when I log on, and I bet a lot of others do too. If you need someone to talk to or have questions, someone will answer

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