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Thread: Hello everyone at Adisc!

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    Default Hello everyone at Adisc!

    Hi there, a little about myself.

    I am 33 and from the south-east of the UK. I am a keen gardener and as my user name suggests, the monkey puzzle tree is my favourite. I work as a little bit of everything type handy person.

    I am mostly a DL with a little hint of AB. I can remember wanting to wear nappies from about 5 years old and have now been 24/7 for about 14 years. I think for me the biggest attraction is the tactile aspects of nappies.

    I found this site after looking for information about something specific and have been reading many of the posts and thought I might join in too.

    I work long hours and don't get much time to socialise so it might be nice to be part of a rather special community.

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    Hi welcome to a fellow English man.
    what county you from ?

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    Welcome to you Parcelboy2, I am from the garden of England - Kent.

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    Kent - also known as getting dangerously close to France! (It's just a joke guys...)

    I'm no gardener, but I do happen to think monkey puzzle trees are pretty cool, and very appropriately named. It's nice to have more people from the UK, so welcome to the site. Things are fairly relaxed so don't worry about your long working hours. I think the best method is just to take a look at the recent posts and dip into anything that takes your fancy. I've not noticed any gardening threads recently, but feel free to start one if you like. Perhaps "What is your favourite tree?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeypuzzler View Post
    I am mostly a DL with a little hint of AB.
    Me and you are alike concerning that statement, I'll just post my welcome as well.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Welcome to ADISC. I don't think alot of us are gardeners but you never know you could teach us something we didn't know. Welcome again anyway and perhaps enjoy the sun today?

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