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Thread: searching for 90's era kids cloths / toys etc?

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    Default searching for 90's era kids cloths / toys etc?

    where would be a good place to look for these types of things?
    i've searched ebay but most of what i've come up with is expensive (exp. 100 plus dollars for a plush toy or shirt thats now listed as collectable) i'm guessing there must be some cheaper options out there either site wise or store wise.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    My first thought, have you looked at thrift stores? Sometimes they have "vintage" clothing. Where I live, there are actually vintage stores which carry clothes from the past several decades for costume parties, etc.

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    Ebay, amazon, craigslist are your bulk sources for vintage stuff. It could get expensive, I would suggest you try and find toys that are available now/new and are of a theme you like. I like any thing Mickey/Minnie or Winnie the pooh, lots of widely available toys for these.

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    EBay is much a matter of luck as to prices are asked and offered, and considering the number of people who're out to make quick buck, it's often not worth the hassle. Still, you can always keep a casual eye out for cheap stuff; sometimes, things slip through the profiteerer's net for a variety of reasons (spelling errors, etc), and searching for 'buy it now' or 'pick up only' helps to dismiss the throng.
    But, as already mentioned by others, thrift/charity shops often offer the best deals, plus you haggle. The con is that you may have to shop around.

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