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Thread: Question about "Pacifiers R Us"

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    Default Question about "Pacifiers R Us"

    First off, I ordered my first Nuk 5 modified paci from Pacifiers R Us, and I could not be more excited!
    It took me hours of scanning through the pages picking my guard, haha. And ultimately my Fiance picked one of a few I had narrowed it down to [Given that he only found out about all this a week ago, he's een very accepting of allowing me to be very open, but that's another subject for another thread]

    My question is how long does it typically take for them to get them to get the custom pacis done and shipped ... and also do the ship discreetly?
    I've been looking at ordering from ABUniverse and Baby-Pants and can't decide on the discerete-ness of packaging so I'm almost too paranoid to order ...

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    I have ordered from Baby-Pants before. I ordered two Nuk 5 pacifiers from them. They came in just a plain bubble packaged envelope. Very discreet and was pretty fast on shipping from what I can remember. I hope this helps.

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    I definitely wanna order a onesie from them, but the print I want is out of stock until April 21

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    If I remember right it takes about six days or so. They ship USPS priority mail and the paci is packed inside a free diaper.

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    Does it come in discrete packaging? I live in an apartment complex and so someone else accepts my packages for me?

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    Yes, discreetly packaged. It is a plain USPS soft envelope. No one will be able to tell what it is. I got mine in about 5 or 6 days. Don't be afraid to order it, it is great and I just ordered another!

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    Not sure how long it will take.
    A week is a good estimate for standard mail.

    I almost got one from them in the dealers den at Further Confusion.
    If there at RainFurrest and I can make it to that I may just get one.

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    I got my Nuk 5 pacifier from Pacifiers R Us. It took about a week or so for me to get it, but it felt like forever because I was so excited about getting my first pacifier. As for the packaging, they are discreetly packaged. It is just a standard soft envelope.

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    The worse cast scenario was a month of so for some custom ones I ordered, and I never even got a glow in the dark MAM I wanted. Instead, they shipped me something cooler, a mam guard with a pretty old button that has a little girl catching stars in her skirt. I'd take that trade any day, its one of my favorites, and I made sure they knew.

    I really liked the personalized notes too. Adds a great touch.

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