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Thread: Any particular cream for prolonged messy wearing?

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    Default Any particular cream for prolonged messy wearing?

    Hello. I don't post here often. I have a friend visiting from out-of-state in a few months, and he's a very submissive person who's interested in ageplay.

    We began discussing the various ways we could play. He got the most excited (almost jumped through the screen I think) when I told him before I go to work on a night shift, I'd tie him down to the bed, diaper him up, and give him a suppository before leaving.

    So my question is, as much as he wants to try this, I don't want to leave him laying in a messy diaper for 5-6 hours without the proper skin protection. Is there a specific type of rash cream or barrier cream I should get?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    I don't think there's really any cream or salve which would eliminate potential for rash given that large of a time-span...

    I'd also urge you to reconsider, or at least design it so there's a fail-safe in your plan. If you are incapacitated, he'd be left in a dangerous spot.

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    Sorry, probably should have been clearer about that. Yes, there will absolutely be a safe way out. If I can't make it 110% safe, I have no intention of doing it. As for the cream, with how excited he replied to the idea, he might like a little rash, who knows. This is in the planning stages only.

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    Wouldn't that be the idea of the punishment in nature though? Any barrier cream will only last for so long. The healthier the food he eats without meat, prior to it, the better it will be.

    You should have him in locking footed PJs so he can't change his mind about the diaper though :evilgrin:.
    As long as the rash is treated after, it should be OK. The tied up part can be the safe part, not the diaper.

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    Sudocream or something similar will help, so will Zinc and Castor cream. Locking diapers are lots of fun, so are locking collars. *grins*
    I hope you two have lots of fun.

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