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Thread: Spandex feels too much like diapers

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    Default Spandex feels too much like diapers

    So, I'm sitting here at work, sitting in spandex shorts instead of my normal boxers under my pants(I thought I'd be running, but weather turned nasty), and I realized I was about to just start peeing. Apparently my body got confused, seeing as how the spandex holds everything pretty snug and doesn't ventilate too well. I seriously almost had a big uh-oh. I don't have any extra work pants with me and I can't leave the station while I'm on call.

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    Yeah that would have been an uhoh for sure.

    No more spandex!

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    Interesting, you may need to try and Re-train yourself a bit if you wear spandex regularly. It's a good thing you caught yourself though...

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    Ouch, that could have been ugly.

    As someone who's worn both (although I get to be in spandex a lot more than diapers), I've never thought of the two as having a similar feeling...besides feeling good .

    As far as preventing accidents, the easiest suggestion would be wearing spandex only by itself for a while (instead of under clothes) to avoid confusion. The biggest downside to that would be that there's probably not as many places you could wear spandex alone as you could wear it under other clothes (i'm guessing work is probably one of those places where you can't have it alone )

    Anyways, it is good to see a spandex-related thread on here.

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