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    Default So, you think you cant order....

    Well kiddies, Mr. Z is here to tell you how to get it done in the stealthiest fashion that I know of. These are a few simple tricks that I've used over the years to keep things on the down low, so to speak.

    Lesson 1: Wal-Mart is your friend.

    Yes I said it, if you don't live near a Wally world, any big box store will do, Provided of course that they sell prepaid credit cards. Yes young ones, prepaid cards. these are your friends because it allows you to turn your hard cash into a more online friendly currency.

    Lesson 2: Amazon is your other friend.

    You can buy most any kind of diaper on amazon, even the nice ABU stuff, and it will arrive at your door in a non-descript Amazon box. Now, many other companies ship in non-descript boxes, but I've found that a big blank box draws more questions that one with at least some logos.

    These are, as stated above, just the methods that I have used with the most success(that being, the least stress and the least questions). I there are any other known methods for stealthy pickup and delivery, please share. this is a point of contention for many of our members who live in 'less than ideal' circumstances.

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    With regard to Amazon, in the UK you can have your goods delivered to an Asda (Express or otherwise) of your choice, for your collecting in person. Parcels are black-wrapped for obvious reasons.
    There are a number of 'partnerships' like this cropping up, so it's worthwhile reading the delivery T&C of any supplier or shipper.

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