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    Hi guys, my name is Tim, I'm 15 years old (turning 16 in a month) living in Hong Kong.

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    hey dude whatup haha but realyy welcome to adisc let me be one of the first to sa welcome

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    Welcome Tim, Can you tell us alittle about yourself? Hobbies/interests things like that.

    Hope to see you around the forum.

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    Well welcome Timmy! I hope you can enjoy your stay here. Would you care to tell us a bit more? Don't worry about being good or bad at introductions, I suck at that. XD Either way, post around and have fun!

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    Welcome to Adisc. Hope you like it here!

    Your from Hong Kong? my uncle went there a few times, and he liked it.

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    Yea, I'm a Canadian, born in Toronto, then went to Hong Kong (Since my family is all Chinese, living in HK). I'm 15, average height, slightly thin. I don't really like Hong Kong's environment (air pollution) that much, but other than that, Hong Kong is convenient and cool (especially along the lines of being a TB, though a lot less friends )
    Some hobbies, well, I'm a dedicated flight simmer (you know... flying planes...), a photographer as well, and also a TB .

    I used to be able to fit into pampers "Active Fit" XL size a few months ago(Equivalent of Cruisers in the US/CND?), but the XL size is not as big as Size 7 from what I see in photos, I have lots of other diapers at home, parents don't know.

    Ok, I'm running out on things to say xD

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