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    Has anyone else had any issues with Attends? I had issues a couple of years ago with the tapes being stuck when I pulled the diaper out of the package. Now I ordered some more and am finding that the right upper tapes are not anchored to the plastic backing. It's like the plastic was cut short of the cloth inner shell and that flimsy cloth is what the tape is anchored to. WTF?

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    It has been a long time since I wore ATTENDS.

    The "Original" ATTENDS plastic-backed diaper was the most "baby-like" of that brand line.

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    I just received the ones I ordered and so far there ok . I'm wearing them in the daytime. Only thing I don't like is they I get a big lump in them from setting down and in and out of a car during the day.

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    New attends are not worth buying anymore in my opinion. I also have had couple of the new ones and they almost always had some sort of manufacturing flaws, like missing tapes, rips on plastic etc.

    If you can get your hands to the good old Attends Regular Plus 10, I would go with that. My current favorite diaper is Kolibri Comslip Plus. They are way more absorbent, cheaper, bulkier and also has minimal graphics on the diaper, including fully clear front / landing zone.

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    the old P & G Attends were great, but the newer one are crap and not worth buying.

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    I have been wearing attends slip active 8 and attends slip regular 10 and think they are my favorite so far.They have a nice soft plastic backing, they're thin but absorb alot and the tapes don't bust so you can fasten them nice and tight.When they're wet they don't slide down your hip so much also.They are also quite descreet under clothing and you get a pack of 28 unlike some brands you only get about 14 in a pack.

    So far my favorite is the active 10 regular slip as they have that more baby nappy look.The active 8 slip is easy to put on and looks great, but the only issue I have with them (the 8's not the 10') is they have a velcro tab on each side of the wing that can cause some discomfort but a small cut piece of adhesive wound dressing fixes that.I would definitely buy attends again.

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    Hi there
    I Wear the Attends slip and briefs packaged and sold by Boots. So far they have not let me down. I too have found the Velcro hooks on the Staydry Briefs One Size dig in however the wound dressing pad works a treat.

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    I agree with you guys. The Attends slips made from Europe are way better. The Attends made from Paper-Pak here in the USA are very low quality. I order some years ago from Save express. They have great quality and absorbency. Attends made in the USA got so crappy over the years. It is not even worth your money. When P+G made Attends back in the late 80's early 90's, they were the best diapers I had ever worn. I remember reading that Attends used the same plastic as Pampers phases used for their diapers. I can't remember that web site but that was long ago. I really miss the old Attends and I wish they would bring them back on the market today. I don't use Attends for my daytime diapers anymore. I switch to TotalDry Plus Briefs from Bambino diapers. They are great for a daytime diapers and held up nice.

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    I just got my new shipment in. They seem to be better. Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly better than they were last month.

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    I buy packs of Attends Breathable from a local pharmacy every now and then. They're OK for the most part and unfortunately the best I can buy in my area. I'm really not a big fan of the cloth backing like most, but I like the way they fit on me, and they hold more than Depends so I can't complain.

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