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    Hey there,

    Just a quick introduction since I'm new here.

    I've been interested in diapers and diaper wearing for a long time. It is purely a sexual fetish for me and fortunately not anything medical. But because it's quite a strange fetish it's one I've ruminated and thought about a little bit. I think I understand myself now, at least a layer deeper than I did before - but I'm sure the onion has more layers.

    In a nutshell, I love the psychological dynamics of intimacy and find them even more interesting than the physical (although if I'm honest that is very important too). This means that control/loss of control, sensation and a power dynamic are very sexy to me and I spend a lot of time exploring new angles on this, which is what brings me here.

    Anyway, a bit more about the non-sexual me: I'm a software engineer based in the UK. My job isn't web-related but I've fallen in love with that stuff and spent a lot of my spare time teaching myself Node.js, Backbone and a whole bunch of other buzzwords. I grew up all around the (Western) world and came to the UK 10 years ago, but happily settled now. In my somewhat limited other spare time I like to read scifi, history, biographies and books on coding. I'm a big fan of Vernor Vinge and recommend Hasting's book on Churchill "Finest Years".


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    Welcome Andy glade ur here and im sure u will fit right in here i promise its not that hard

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    welcome to ADISC. See you like reading books, it's a good hobby. One of my favorites, especially about history. Good luck on this forum

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